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The political system of the Yuuzhan Vong was a theocracy, with the Supreme Overlord deriving his authority directly from his status as the voice of Yun-Yuuzhan.

By the time of Darth Krayt's Sith Empire, the caste-based system was still present, with warriors and Shapers included.

During the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy, the Supreme Overlord was Shimrra Jamaane or so it was believed, as he was secretly being controlled by Onimi.

Mezhan Kwaad , a Master Shaper. Shapers were scientists who supervised the biotechnology of the Yuuzhan Vong. They focused on the creation and development of their organic technology and, together with the priests, observed the arcane developments related to it.

Shapers were typically described as shorter than the average Yuuzhan Vong and were notable for their intricate tendril headdresses and Shaper hands.

A Master Shaper's hand had 8 fingers, while that of an Adept had only 5. Each finger contained a different tool used in their work.

Their headdresses appeared to have been tied directly to their nervous systems, and were used for ceremonial purposes to represent genuflection or compliance.

They could also change shape to show the wearer's mood. The priest caste was considerably powerful in the Yuuzhan Vong's rigidly theocratic society.

The members of the priest caste served the many lesser deities that ruled the Yuuzhan Vong. There were several sects, each for the worship of a different Yuuzhan Vong deity.

The warrior caste served as the armies of the Yuuzhan Vong and was one of the largest castes who essentially served as the military branch of their race.

Members of the caste were trained from an early age to excel in combat. Warriors were also more aggressive than other Yuuzhan Vong.

Notable members of this caste included Tsavong Lah and Nas Choka , both of whom became Warmaster of the Yuuzhan Vong at various points. Their chief weapon was the amphistaff , which resembled a deadly serpent capable of spitting venom or coiling around foes.

The warriors were devotees of the Slayer, Yun-Yammka, and sought honor in combat. They wore the living vonduun crab armor which was capable of resisting blaster fire or lightsabers.

This armor did have weak points, such as points at the armpit and areas of the inner hip where the shell's segments joined. The Intendant caste worked to keep Yuuzhan Vong society functioning and was as such responsible for the Yuuzhan Vong economy.

They were noted as being the smallest of the castes who lacked a patron deity or a specific war cry when compared to the others.

It was this caste that were in charge of matters of commerce, bureaucracy, trade and the management of the sizable slave work force employed by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Notable Intendants included Nom Anor , the deadliest enemy of the Jedi. Members of the Intendant Caste could come from either the Shaper or Warrior castes.

Shimrra Jamaane was formerly an Intendant, before becoming Supreme Overlord. They were the government and politicians and favored Yun-Harla the Trickster godess.

The worker caste was the largest, yet lowest, caste and served mainly as servants, slaves and laborers.

The worker caste included Shamed Ones , Yuuzhan Vong whose bodies had rejected any organic implants and modifications, Yuuzhan Vong born outright into the worker caste, Yuuzhan Vong who had failed to succeed in other castes, and conquered or shaped species such as the Chazrach.

Slaves and the Shamed Ones fallen members of society were part of the worker castes, but they were treated with contempt even by their fellow workers, though Yuuzhan Vong born into the worker caste were actually descended from Shamed Ones.

They were devout and had many gods and, prior to their defeat, believed it was their duty to appease their gods' desires through conquest and genocide.

Yun-Yuuzhan, the creator, was the most powerful deity of the Yuuzhan Vong religion. He sacrificed most of his body parts to create the lesser deities and the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy.

Only the Supreme Overlord had direct contact with him. Yun-Harla was the Trickster, the Cloaked Goddess and goddess of deception and aggression.

Yun-Harla represented the political caste. Having learned this information, the New Republic military had their top pilot, Jaina Solo , codenamed "Trickster" and "Goddess" in an act of psychological warfare against the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, who would believe they were fighting the living form of one of their most powerful deities.

Yun-Yammka was the Slayer, and the god of war. His image was of a multi-tentacled being, and was the inspiration for the form of the yammosk.

He was primarily worshipped by the warrior caste. He was in actuality created by the priest caste when the Yuuzhan Vong turned to war.

Yun-Ne'Shel was the Modeler. She oversaw natural life cycles and was worshiped by the shaper caste. Having a relationship outside one's caste was forbidden in Yuuzhan Vong society, and disobeying automatically led to sacrifice to the Lover Gods.

Yun-Shuno was the Pardoner. She had a thousand eyes and watched over and spoke for the Shamed Ones, who were shunned by every other Yuuzhan Vong deity.

She was the only deity the Shamed Ones were allowed to worship. The Yuuzhan Vong were refugees from a distant galaxy. Their original homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar was a tropical planet that had a large asteroid belt around it.

It was destroyed thousands of standard years before they invaded the galaxy. Yuuzhan'tar may have been the basis for Yun-Yuuzhan , the creator god of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Little was known about their early history, but the Yuuzhan Vong had apparently once lived as symbiotes with their homeworld and were Force-sensitive.

Their technology was also largely organic. At some point in their history, the Yuuzhan Vong were caught in the midst of a devastating galactic conflict between two droid civilizations—believed to be the Silentium and the Abominor —which solidified their hatred of mechanical technology and xenophobia towards other sentient lifeforms.

The Yuuzhan Vong's living homeworld aided them in the war by bestowing upon them the knowledge of creating living weapons. However, as the war dragged on, the Yuuzhan Vong as a species became increasingly violent and warlike.

Eventually, they were able to defeat their enemies, and forced both droid powers to flee their galaxy. Following the war, the Yuuzhan Vong went on a crusade to cleanse their galaxy of all forms of mechanical technology.

They conquered much of their galaxy and either exterminated or enslaved conquered species. Among those species they conquered were the reptilian Chazrach , which became slave soldiers for the Yuuzhan Vong.

With much of the galaxy in their hands, the various Domains what the Yuuzhan Vong called clans or families fractured and turned against each other, resulting in the devastating Cremlevian War.

During the conflict, much of the Yuuzhan Vong's galaxy was destroyed, including their homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar.

The exact details of the destruction of the planet were lost to the passage of time. However, Yuuzhan'tar did produce a seed which eventually became Zonama Sekot , later colonized by the Langhesi and Ferroans.

Separated from their original symbiosis with their homeworld, the Yuuzhan Vong were stripped from the Force, and experienced great pain.

Thus, the species saw pain as the only way to return to that symbiosis and practiced body modifications on themselves.

In place of their homeworld, the Yuuzhan Vong took up belief in several deities , which subsequently governed nearly every aspect of their civilization.

The Yuuzhan Vong made the exodus from their galaxy onboard their great Worldships. Towards the end of the war, Steng emerged as the first Warmaster.

A rival Warmaster, Yo'gand , invented the Yo'gand's Core tactic, which he used to destroy the planet Ygziir and its moon.

The destruction of Ygziir resulted in the death of Steng and the end of the war. Eventually, Yo'gand united the Domains into a single socio-political entity and became the first Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong.

With much of their galaxy ruined, the Yuuzhan Vong began a long trek to another galaxy in search of a new home. For a long period, perhaps centuries, the species was forced to travel through the Intergalactic Void in massive worldships.

During this period, the Yuuzhan Vong nearly destroyed themselves. Violence and competition had been inevitably built into their society and, without an external target, they focused their aggression against each other.

Though there were no all out wars in the magnitude of the Cremlevian War, the Domains continued to fight each other for the favor of the Supreme Overlords.

When the Yuuzhan Vong left their galaxy, how long their voyage took, or if they even knew what their destination would be, was unknown.

At least one account spoke of their journey taking at least several millennia; [12] however, by 26 ABY , one of the oldest worldships old enough to be dying, and considered to be 'ancient' was less than years old.

In that year, a group of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under the command of Canderous Ordo encountered what would later come to be known as a Yorik-stronha , disguised as an asteroid in the Crispin system , while chasing a group of pirates in the system's asteroid belt.

When Ordo used a thermal generator to melt the frozen methane covering the "asteroid", the Yorik-Stronha, in Ordo's words, "woke up".

The asteroid began to spin quickly and then proceeded to fire plasma at the Mandalorians. The extragalactic weaponry was able to melt through the Mandalorian's armor "like wax".

The attack on the Mandalorians became the "first contact" with the Known Galaxy. The probe fled soon after the brief battle with Ordo's Mandalorians.

Ordo followed in hot pursuit, but was unable to keep up with the probe. The Mandalorians were able to track the probe's hyperspace wake to the edge of the galaxy, where the Neo-Crusaders turned back, apparently thinking that the mysterious ship was going on a suicide run into the great void outside the galaxy.

The Yuuzhan Vong, who had already killed two fellow inmates in transit to the colony, quickly emerged as the station's most recent champion.

For six months, the warrior systematically defeated every opponent pitted against the Yuuzhan Vong, until the champion was matched with Sith Lord Darth Maul , who was on an undercover mission on Cog Hive Seven.

After a brutal fight, Maul killed the warrior. As the Yuuzhan Vong had only spoken in the species' native language, the colony's systems had failed to classify its species, point of origin, or even gender, although some of the guards suspected that the individual was a female.

In 32 BBY , at the time of the Invasion of Naboo , an advance force of Yuuzhan Vong—termed " Far Outsiders " by the planet's inhabitants—discovered Zonama, and noting the similarity to Yuuzhan'tar though not drawing the connection attempted to colonize it.

However, when the Yuuzhan Vong attempted to settle, Zonama Sekot's biosphere killed off the Yuuzhan Vong flora and fauna, provoking them.

Although Sekot attempted to negotiate with them, they began an assault upon the planet. After two years of costly fighting, the assault was called off with the arrival of the Jedi Knight Vergere , who convinced the Yuuzhan Vong to leave on the condition that she would travel with them.

The Galactic Republic received only shadowy news at the attack; even after Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker went to investigate Vergere's disappearance, all that they discovered was that an unknown race of biotech-based aliens from a distant place and armed with weapons that the planet's inhabitants had never seen before had attacked the world.

The Yuuzhan Vong soon learned that Zonama Sekot was no longer in its original system, and there was no evidence that it had been destroyed. Worried about the threat presented by the powerful planetary entity, he announced to his people that it would be best to move on to another galaxy.

However, Shimrra Jamaane , under the influence of Onimi and with the support of some of the more aggressive domains, launched a coup , murdered Quoreal and took his place, ensuring that the invasion would go forth as planned.

But it would still be some time before they were ready. Information of Yuuzhan Vong activity within the galaxy for the next few decades is scarce.

It is known that, by 27 BBY , at the start of the Outbound Flight Project , Palpatine had somehow gained knowledge of the incoming Yuuzhan Vong fleet, though he planned to withhold it from the Republic until after his New Order could be instituted.

At least one of his subordinates, Kinman Doriana , was informed, however. The distant threat of invasion was also part of the reason Palpatine ordered the destruction of Outbound Flight in order to prevent its occupants from falling into the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong and also to eliminate six Jedi Masters and 12 Jedi Knights.

One of his official justifications for maintaining the Imperial Navy even after the war had ended was to ward off the threat of extra-galactic invasion.

It was also around this time that another small advance force of Yuuzhan Vong engaged the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force , on the edge of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Although the Chiss Admiral Ar'alani managed to defeat them, the Yuuzhan Vong fought much better than the Chiss had believed such a small fleet was capable of.

The appearance of the Outbound Flight shortly afterwards led the CEDF high command to wonder for a short time if the invaders and the Republic were allies.

Yuuzhan Vong scouts returned dozens of kidnapped sentients to the fleet from the galaxy. Among them were Humans , Verpine , and Talz.

They were interrogated and experimented upon, with many dying and others being sacrificed. Those who survived such as Vergere were awarded as familiars.

However, the remains of the Yuuzhan Vong occupying the outpost went undisturbed until their discovery shortly into the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

Nom Anor , agent of the Yuuzhan Vong. The threat of the advancing invaders was one of his primary motivations for trying to reunify the Empire , as he felt that the Empire stood a much better chance against the Vong than did the New Republic.

The Yuuzhan Vong advance scouts themselves shared that sentiment. He did so and manipulated its leader, Xandel Carivus , arranging the deaths of many Councilors and furthering the internal strife between the leaders of the fracturing Empire.

Meanwhile, the Yuuzhan Vong also began meddling in the high politics of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. They installed one of their own agents, E'thinaa , in a high-ranking military position, and manipulated the rise to power of the Keeramak , with the goal of eventually using the Ssi-ruuvi to create confusion and disorder during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

Fett realized that openly resisting the Yuuzhan Vong would result in the enslaving of Mandalore and so he agreed.

He secretly carried out a plan to aid the New Republic by allowing New Republic personnel to escape with information from doomed worlds.

On the world of Rhommamool , Yuuzhan Vong executor Nom Anor , disguised as the leader of the Red Knights of Life , stirred up a war between Rhommamool and its neighboring planet, Osarian.

He was also responsible for infecting Mara Jade Skywalker and a hundred other diplomats with a deadly Yuuzhan Vong disease.

As a result the New Republic did not take notice when the first of the invasion force, the Praetorite Vong , made planetfall on the distant world of Helska IV and also brought down Sernpidal's moon upon the planet, killing millions of beings including the famous Wookiee Chewbacca , and leaving the planet itself in pieces.

The Yuuzhan Vong also encountered the Jedi , whom they started to consider the worst of a galaxy full of infidels, due in no small part to the Jedi's ability to control a supernatural force that Yuuzhan Vong had been denied.

The main Yuuzhan Vong fleet arrived soon after though, and had in short order conquered many of the worlds in their invasion corridor.

Bimmiel , Dantooine , Dubrillion and Obroa-skai were among the many worlds captured while Ithor was consumed by firestorms and rendered uninhabitable.

Sheltering the refugees from planets in the invasion corridor quickly became such a problem that the New Republic government could no longer ignore the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong.

The political leadership was ineffectual in countering the invaders though, and initially tried to blame the Jedi for starting the conflict with the aliens.

The Yuuzhan Vong, considering the Jedi their worst enemies, capitalized on this by luring natives of the galaxy into turning in Jedi with the promise that they would be spared from the invasion.

The Peace Brigade appeared as an organization of such individuals. The Yuuzhan Vong also struck a deal with the Hutts that allowed them to pass through Hutt Space unmolested.

But the Hutts secretly played both sides by passing information on Yuuzhan Vong fleet movements on to the New Republic.

In return the Yuuzhan Vong ruthlessly conquered their worlds. In any case, moving through Hutt Space allowed the invaders to launch an attack against Fondor on the far side of the galactic core.

However, they suffered heavy losses in the Battle of Fondor when Han Solo's cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo , fired Centerpoint Station against them, destroying much of the defending Hapan fleet too.

Following the conquest of Duro , Warmaster Tsavong Lah offered the New Republic a cease fire if they turned over every single Jedi in the galaxy.

The Jedi became hated as never before, with several planetary governments collaborating with the Yuuzhan Vong in hunting them down, and even resulting in the New Republic temporarily issuing an arrest warrant for Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker.

The Peace Brigade also launched an attack on the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 in an unsuccessful attempt to capture the children being trained there.

The Yuuzhan Vong themselves arrived shortly after though, complicating the situation for the few Jedi remaining on the moon. The Yuuzhan Vong captured the Jedi trainee Tahiri Veila and started shaping her like the rest of their biological creations.

However, before the experiment was completed, she was rescued by her best friend, Anakin Solo , with the help of the shamed Yuuzhan Vong, Vua Rapuung , redeeming the Shamed One in the process.

As a result, a heretical movement that worshiped the Jedi as saviors gained popularity among the Shamed Ones later led by Nom Anor , despite the efforts of the ruling castes to exterminate it.

A short while later, the Yuuzhan Vong broke the cease fire by launching a surprise attack on Yag'Dhul.

The New Republic crumbles under the relentless Yuuzhan Vong invasion. A single New Republic soldier tries to hide from the Yuuzhan Vong.

Two years into the war, the Yuuzhan Vong unleashed a new biological creation, the voxyn , for the purpose of hunting down the Jedi. In response, Anakin Solo formed an all-Jedi strike with the intent of hunting down the Voxyn Queen from which the Yuuzhan Vong cloned all the other voxyn.

The mission was a success, but came at the cost of the lives of nearly half the team, including Anakin Solo himself, and also left his brother, Jacen Solo , captured by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Following that, they renamed the planet Yuuzhan'tar, and started Vongforming the planet in the image of their long lost homeworld.

The Vongforming of Coruscant was sabotaged by Jacen Solo before he escaped from captivity with the aid of Vergere. The Yuuzhan Vong began to also suffer from internal problems, as the stresses of maintaining an Empire began to tax their resources.

The New Republic, having moved its capital to Dac , elected Cal Omas to replace Fey'lya, who also created the High Council , which would coordinate the Jedi's role in the war.

At the same time the Jedi also found out about the NRI's secret project to create Alpha Red , a biological weapon that would wipe out the Yuuzhan Vong and all of their creations.

The Jedi were unable to convince Cal Omas to ignore the weapon as a viable option for countering the invaders, but the rogue Jedi Knight Vergere saved them the trouble by destroying the project herself.

However, the incident strained the relationship between the Jedi and the New Republic. Forced to pursue conventional warfare while the Alpha Red team started from scratch, the New Republic hatched a plan to lure the Yuuzhan Vong into a trap in the Deep Core , centered around the moon, Ebaq 9.

On Ebaq 9, Warmaster Tsavong Lah himself was slain by Jaina Solo and Vergere sacrificed herself to eliminate the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong troops that had landed on the moon.

Omas, using the political clout and fearing that the Senate would try to hijack control of the war, drafted a new constitution which stripped the Senate of executive power, turning the New Republic into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Galactic Alliance or GFFA for short.

After the victory, Luke Skywalker put together a team to follow up on Vergere's information about the living planet of Zonama Sekot.

They traveled into the Unknown Regions, receiving help from both the Imperial Remnant and the Chiss, though only after having provided a service in return.

Eventually they found the living planet and entered negotiations in an attempt to convince it to help end the war.

Meanwhile, Executor Non Anor, disgraced for his role in the disaster at Ebaq 9, disguised himself as the prophet Yu'Shaa and began stirring up heresy on Yuuzhan'tar formerly Coruscant.

The five made it to Zonama Sekot where Nom Anor showed his hand and killed Nem Yim and pushed Harrar over a cliff before trying to sabotage the planet's hyperdrive.

The two Jedi were unsuccessful in undoing his sabotage or preventing him from escaping the planet, but Zonama Sekot appeared to know what to do as it launched itself into hyperspace and traveled to Yuuzhan'tar, taking up orbit around the same star as the former capital of the galaxy.

During this time, the Galactic Alliance had prepared to make a push for Yuuzhan'tar and take the planet back, and hopefully also break the Yuuzhan Vong's ability to wage war by taking out the Supreme Overlord.

Nas Choka , Lah's successor as Warmaster, became de facto Supreme Overlord, and ordered the remaining Yuuzhan Vong warriors to surrender.

Zonama Sekot , the new homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong. One of the terms of the Yuuzhan Vong's surrender was also that they help rebuild Coruscant to be suitable as the capital of the Galactic Alliance.

The Galactic Alliance settled on Denon while construction went on, and eventually back to Coruscant after the rebuilding was complete. Zonama Sekot also revealed itself as the seed of the long-dead original Yuuzhan Vong homeworld.

After the end of the war, the remaining Yuuzhan Vong were recalled from across the galaxy to Zonama. Zonama Sekot, with its new Yuuzhan Vong population, then disappeared back into the Unknown Regions, so that the Yuuzhan Vong could live in peace and renew their relationship with Sekot.

Among other things they planned to attempt to abolish their caste system, and had already eliminated the posts of Warmaster and Supreme Overlord though Choka seemed to remain the de facto leader of the species.

The Bothans , however, were unforgiving for the death of Fey'lya, and continued to uphold their declared state of ar'krai genocide against the Yuuzhan Vong, sending ships into the Unknown Regions to hunt for Zonama.

By 36 ABY their efforts had been somewhat foiled by the Galactic Alliance, which had impounded the ship detailed for the expedition. The Yuuzhan Vong war was possibly the most devastating crisis the galaxy had faced.

The cost in lives were staggering; the number of deaths over the known galaxy were estimated at about trillion sentients.

The Galactic Alliance gradually finished rebuilding itself a few years later, but it never would be the same as the pre-invasion New Republic.

Some time after 41 ABY , as part of a move to improve relations between the Yuuzhan Vong and the rest of the galaxy, the Galactic Alliance's New Jedi Order permitted Yuuzhan Vong Shapers , headed by Master Shaper Nei Rin , [23] to use a desolate portion of Ossus , one of the order's most ancient strongholds, as a test site.

The intent of those who championed the project—such as Jedi Master Kol Skywalker , a leading member of the Jedi Council —was to see if Vong terraforming methods, such as those that had once transformed Coruscant into the species' temporary homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar 27 - 29 ABY , could restore the barren and devastated world.

Though most of the species had left for the Unknown Regions on Zonama Sekot, enough shapers remained to start a pilot program on the world.

The experiment appeared to work, returning vibrant life to Ossus, and when the Jedi revealed the results to the outside galaxy, other worlds vied for the chance to restore planets the Yuuzhan Vong War had left devastated.

Ultimately, one hundred planets were chosen for terraforming. Yuuzhan Vong Shapers, accompanied by Jedi , set to work, and at first the results were wondrous to behold.

Unfortunately, none had reckoned with interference by the One Sith. On the command of the cult's leader, Darth Krayt , the Sith secretly sabotaged the terraforming process on these worlds.

Plants grew deformed, and painful bony growths, of a kind not seen since the Vong forcibly took populations as slaves, sprouted from the skin of the inhabitants, killing millions in the process.

The Jedi suspected sabotage, but did not know who was responsible. All across the galaxy, however, blame fell upon the Yuuzhan Vong.

Far too much animosity still existed against the former invaders for many to believe they had truly given up their ambitions of conquest.

The Jedi however, were certain that the Yuuzhan Vong were innocent, and convinced the Galactic Alliance to support the Yuuzhan Vong against domestic criticism.

This turned out to be too much for the Empire. However, the Moff Council still contained many hardliners who sought to restore the Empire to primacy as the dominant galactic power.

Calling for retribution and invoking the Treaty of Anaxes , they declared war on the Galactic Alliance. The peace that so many had fought and died for in decades past was undone in a stroke, as the Sith had planned.

Fearing what could ultimately happen, the Jedi High Council ordered the creation of the Hidden Temple at the start of hostilities, its location chosen by Nat Skywalker so the Jedi could have a refuge.

From the start, the Alliance was handicapped. Its defense of the Yuuzhan Vong had alienated numerous member worlds, whose populations still nursed bitter memories of the Vong invasion, and many of them refused to support the GA.

Suddenly, the Alliance found itself facing a secessionist movement as well as general war. The Empire used this to its advantage, luring some of these disaffected worlds into the Imperial camp and weakening the GA government.

Other worlds, like Hapes, declared neutrality. Thus, the war started with the Empire having all the advantages.

Despite this, Emperor Roan Fel himself was less than enthusiastic; he had only reluctantly declared war and thus never threw his full support behind it, even going so far to prevent his Imperial Knights from participating.

It was at this time that things were not going smoothly for the Fel Empire: Also, because Roan Fel refused to let the Imperial Knights enter the war, the Empire didn't have the strength necessary to counter the Jedi.

Soon, the Sith inserted themselves into the war. Through Moff Nyna Calixte , the ruthless and ambitious Director of Imperial Intelligence , the Sith approached the Empire and allied themselves with the Imperial cause.

When the Sith then declared themselves openly, the Jedi quickly realized that it was they who were responsible for sabotaging the Yuuzhan Vong terraforming projects though the Order was never able to definitively prove it.

As events progressed, even members of the Imperial regime—including Emperor Fel himself—realized the truth, that they had been used as pawns in the One Sith's plan for galactic domination.

Sadly by the time the true motivations of the Sith had been made clear to Emperor Fel it was far too late to halt the designs already set in motion.

The Yuuzhan Vong, upon learning the truth, were at first relieved that it was not the work of their gods, were then determined to reverse the damage the sabotage had caused.

Shaper Nei Rin journeyed from Ossus to try to discover the Sith's method of sabotage, hoping that this knowledge could help discredit the Sith and end the war.

After three years of bloody warfare, the Galactic Alliance was a spent force, while the Sith only grew in power and strength, even independently manufacturing and fielding their own starfighters.

The Alliance finally surrendered, and its territory was absorbed into the Empire. It is unknown if the Empire made any efforts to exterminate the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Emperor called on the Jedi Order to surrender and subject itself to the will of the Empire. Some of them did, becoming the Imperial Knights.

But the rest, remaining true to the will of the Force, refused to ally themselves with the Sith and withdrew from Coruscant to their temple on Ossus.

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Die Klone wenden sich daraufhin gegen die Jedi und töten sie. April in dieser Version in die Liste der lesenswerten Artikel aufgenommen. Krieg der Sterne Alternativtitel Star Wars: Ihnen gelingt es, Han zu finden und gemeinsam befreien sie Pasesafecard. Dadurch ermöglichen sie es einem Kampfgeschwader der Rebellen, die Online casino echtgeld gewinnen zu zerstören. The Clone Wars Computeranimationsserie. Auf der einen Seite eine stets missmutig aussehende SPD-Kandidatin, die nur noch von den Moderatorinnen von Frontal 21 übertroffen wird. Volksmusiker Ein Album, eine Tour, dann ist Schluss: Disney hat das nächste "Star Wars"-Spin-off bekannt gegeben. Dezemberabgerufen am Habe ich nicht verlangt. Reddit asked Harrison Ford who shot first. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen stratosphere casino reviews der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden.

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The Making of Star Wars - 1977 Documentary Dort lief die Serie immer freitagabends. Der Rat erteilt ihm inoffiziell die Aufgabe, den Kanzler zu überwachen und dem Rat über jeden seiner Schritte Bericht zu erstatten. In dieser Specialreihe begeben wir uns auf Spurensuche und finden für euch heraus, was aus früheren Stars wurde, um die es in der Zwischenzeit leiser geworden ist. Yoda Stimme Matthew Wood: Wir erklären, was Auslöser sein kann, womit behandelt wird und wann es sinnvoll ist, zum Arzt zu gehen. Bei dieser, in 3D konvertierten, Version handelte es sich um die veröffentlichte Blu-ray-Variante. WhatsApp-Nutzer sind derzeit aufgeschreckt: Anakin Skywalker Pernilla August: Du kritisiertest den kreativen Teil. Owen Lars Bonnie Piesse: Im November und folgten die Fernsehfilme Ewoks: Douglas Brode, Leah Deyneka Hrsg. Wie eiskalt ist dies Sternchen. Oktober um Die zweite Staffel begann ihre Ausstrahlung am 2. Attack of the Clones. Er habe dem Disney-Produktionsteam von ihm verfasste Star Wars -Storys angeboten, doch gaming tisch Verantwortlichen entschieden sich gegen eine Verwendung.

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A Star Wars Story. In Deutschland erschien der Film bereits einen Tag früher. Bei dieser, in 3D konvertierten, Version handelte es sich um die veröffentlichte Blu-ray-Variante. Unter den Rezipienten ist die Interpretation verbreitet, dass die in der Originaltrilogie erzählte Geschichte von Luke Skywalker den Ödipuskonflikt widerspiegele. Dort haben die Rebellen bereits die erbeuteten Pläne ausgewertet und eine Schwäche gefunden — einen Lüftungsschacht. Als die Fortsetzung Star Wars:

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