Quilt as you go deutsch

quilt as you go deutsch

Einen großen Quilt zu quilten, ist zeitaufwändig, selbst wenn Sie mit der Maschine quilten. Und egal, welche Quilt-Technik Sie anwenden, einen großen Quilt. 8. Juni Genäht habe ich sie mit der Quilt-As-You-Go Methode (QAYG). Für alle, die diese Methode nicht kennen, möchte ich kurz erklären, was es. März In meinem Thread " Patchworkprojekte " patchworkprojekte-f/projekte- tshtml nähe ich gerade an meinem Babyquilt. Thanks for posting it! Sarah September 30, at Laurel09 September 30, fußballspiel hoffenheim 9: It would follow then if working up that the next strip would be sewn to the paypal com edge sbk app was previously sewn. Mary Anne Drury September 30, at 1: Marija September 30, at I love this one. I love your colors and will give this a try. Maybe casino baden parken just me, but I'm a little confused on Step 7. Yes, I think an Indigo version and then maybe a rainbow version will have to be made sooner than later! I just love your quilt and thank casino baden anfahrt so much for the instructions, I would like to try one of these myself one day. For this I Beste Spielothek in Kolonie Thyrow finden wanted to have fun, not stress, make a beautiful quilt, and then best casino online india the method. Since we gave it away I'll have to make Amigotechs | Slotozilla one!

Thank you so much. Maureen, this is so pretty. I have used QAYG on a small project. Your tutorial makes the bigger size look so doable that I just might give it a try.

What a great way to use up all of those scraps. This is so doable -- I bet you'll be surprised if you do give it a go! I'm so excited you posted the tutorial.

I think it is my favorite quilt to date I have ever seen. I have never tried the QAYG method where you sew two sections that are already sew to batting together.

Thanks so much for this tutorial which shows how to do that! I am going to do this. I am definitely going to give this one a go! I have a king size quilt to make so this looks totally manageable!

I am looking forward to seeing you do one in all blues, I have been collecting fabric in gray, mint and cream which I would love to see in this design or low volume!

Thank you so much for sharing. Just found your blog today through Pinterest. I really want to do this quilt. I haven't done very much quilting, though, and I'm a little confused about how the process from steps 6 to 7 works.

Maybe when I get started it will make sense? Patty, feel free to email me any specific questions you have, anytime! Love love love this! Now to finish the quilt I'm working on so I can start one of these!

Thanks for the great tutorial. I don't have that many scraps yet but I'm anxious to give it a try so will have to cut up what I have and make a smaller version.

If you don't want to wait until you collect enough scraps, a pre-cut Jelly Roll of a fabric collection you really love would be perfect for this!

And, bonus, you don't have to do as much cutting!! Maureen, thank you so much for doing the tutorial on your beautiful quilt! One day I'm going to get up enough nerve to delve into quilt making and I'm holding on to this one!!

Beautiful quilt and fantastic tutorial!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this If I wanted to make a lap size quilt would one jelly roll do the job?

Or let's say I wanted to use FQs, how many of those would I need for a lap quilt? An estimate would be very helpful, thanks!

Well, my quilt is a 62" square, so I think the easiest adjustment would be to simply add the 10" more to the length of each panel to make your quilt 62" x 72".

For my quilt I used approximately strips measuring 2. So, around in total. I cannot tell you how excited I am to make a quilt like this!!!!

I think it might be the perfect thing for some charity quilts for our MQG. Maureen this quilt is stunning!!! I have to try it soon. Thanks for posting it!

Thank you for such a thorough tutorial! I have a few to-do's on my list to get through first, but I think I know just the stack of fabrics for this one.

I love this quilt: Thank you so much for this tutorial, Maureen! I can not wait to try it!! I have to do this. And hopefully use this as an excuse to shop for some fabrics.

Thank you so much for the tutorial Maureen. You are so creative. I fell in love with this quilt when you first introduced the block.

I have been trying to decide on a quilt pattern for my king sized bed and I think this has got to be it.

I adore it above all others!! I love this quilt and your tutorial! It's like foundation paper piecing, you could call it batting piecing.

Lol this quilt is moving to the top of my list! Thank you for the tutorial! Your instructions are so great. I am so doing this one and will surely impress my sister who quilts!

Just want to thank you, Maureen, for writing and sharing this tutorial. I really appreciate it! Making a quilt in this style just got moved to the front of the list!

Thanks again--I love it! Awesome, Kathy, thank you! Be sure to share a photo of your quilt with me!!

I have been looking over herringbone patterns recently and am really excited about this one. Love the look of more quilting on the front than on the back- and all done on a domestic machine!

Thank you so much!! You can make the quilt front as dense as you want, too. I've gone very dense on a few of my QAYG's and love the difference in feel on the front compared to the subtle back.

They also wash up nicely, so no worries there!! I love this quilt, I have some fabric I think would be awesome prepared like this. I just used your QAYG method for the first time I was just very careful to take photos with each step, so I'd have what I would need for a thorough tutorial.

I love all the bright, happy colors and patterns. I will definitely have to make one of these. I think it would be perfect for my son, with Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz and maybe some batiks instead of the pink fabrics in the selection, or Road 15 by Sweetwater.

Thanks for the great instructions. I saw your pattern posted on Facebook by Janome and I had to check it out.

It's a beautiful quilt and I'm anxious to make one. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little confused on Step 7. In step 6, it appears you sew the first fabric string to the batting and fold it down or over to the right.

In step 7, it says to continue sewing strips on the raw edge with right sides together but it appears the second strip was sewn to the finished edge on the first strip then folded up or to the left.

I can see where every strip after that is sewn to the raw edge but I'm confused about that second strip. I thought the photos showed clearly enough that the first strip is sewn down and folded over to the right side of the panel and from then on you sewing the fabrics down and folding them to the left, making your way down the panel.

I will double check what I wrote for you! Thanks for the tutorial, Maureen. This is a great solution for making bigger quilts on a small machine!

I too was confused about step 7, but this helps to clarify. I was wondering if you are using the lines you drew on the batting strips simply as a guide to keep you on the right angle, since it seems in the pictures you are not using them as "stitching lines"?

I bought the MC in January and I've been taking classes learning how to embroider and quilt. I'm not up to a full size quilt yet. This is a wonderful tutorial, well written and the photos are fantastic.

When I do get around to ever quilting a full size quilt this looks like the pattern to follow. PS - I can't wait to see a demo of the MC I would love to upgrade to that!!

I am going to do this quilt! I love the scrappy strips and the quilt as you go tutorial! Thank you for the tutorial, you made it look so easy! Taking my first quilting class next week, I'm going to try and do this one.

The first time I saw your quilt I fell in love with it. Diana, I'm so sorry, but that will not work. You won't be able to iron it at all.

I noted that above. What a totally fun and wonderful quilt!!!! I love the scrappiness of it but also the ease of putting it together. I'm going to make one very soon.

Smaller because it will be a Project Linus Blanket but some little kid will love it. Im not sure of i posted my question what brand of batting my machine Is eating mine.

Recycled Quilters Dream won't work for this Diana. I just love your quilt and thank you so much for the instructions, I would like to try one of these myself one day.

I am new to quilting and just trying to find my way. Going to use these jelly rolls that I bought! Thanks for the great tutorial!

A great idea and a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing! I have antique flour sacks that will be incorporated into the quilt.

Can't wait to get started. Thank you for sharing the how to's! I love love this! I've done a lot of rag quilts and have been wanting to venture into other quilts.

I saw this and felt much more at ease with it. I've done my first two panels and noticed they weren't matching and seen that someone else had asked.

All I can say is thanks goodness I don't have to take that panel apart! Being so precise may be my downfall but I won't give up yet!

As far as quilts go, I've done rag quilts, many rag quilts. Been wanting to venture into others but my first attempt at a log cabin was leaving me frustrated with the whole contrast and color thing.

Then there's the precise cutting and sewing I saw this and thought it would put some of my frustrations at rest. Did my first two panels and noticed they weren't matching up and seen someone else ask the question.

All I can say is thank goodness I don't have to redo. I Thought I was being precise but alas apparently not But I'm not giving up!

SO excited by this tutorial!! I have been wanting to try QAYG I love the tutorial! I used it to make a herringbone mason jar cozy and tutorial!

This quilt turned out soooo gorgeous! I've been looking for a herringbone pattern and I'll definitely be making this one!

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this up! You are a gift to us all I might try this. Just bought my jellyrolls and can't wait to start this beautiful quilt.

Just saw a quilt using your tut on Quarer Incher! So glad she link your site. This is an awesome tut. Can hardly wait to try it.

Amazing quilt, awesome tutorial. Found your blog on Quarter Incher and so glad I did: Will definitely try this method soon! OH, this is my kind of quilt and yes, I would like to stitch one.

Have read your detailed tutorial from start to finish I loved making this quilt with my friend Jane. We gave it away I really enjoyed making this quilt with my friend Jane.

Since we gave it away I'll have to make myself one! I sure make this quilt to use a part of my stash. I hope it will as beautifull as yours.

However, I'm a little confused by Step 7. It says "continue adding fabric strings, placing each new fabric string on top of the other, with right sides facing, matching up the raw edges" but it looks like rather than matching up raw edges, you're matching the raw edge of the new, to-be-added strip with the already sewn to the batting edge of the previous strip.

Is that so, or am I seeing things? This is the BEST, love, love your tutorial!!!! This is the BEST, love it, love it!!! Thank you, so much for sharing your pattern!

Not all of us can afford to buy these. And an original at that! My mind, is already picking out which fabrics, I want to use! I am so anxious for Spring; so I took all my scraps out, looking for all the blooming colors, and am making this quilt.

My daughter will post a pic of finished quilt. You have given me inspiration on these dull, wintry days. Thanks for the inspiration, I am bookmarking this to try!

I have never made anything the QAYG method, but having read your detailed instructions I cannot wait to get started.

You really do give the best detailed instructions and accompanying photos. It's like having an expert by my side. Maureen I had made this quilt earlier and I had told you that my batting was going wonky and that someone said it was because the batting was not needle punched.

I want to do another. Do you think if I used a muslin panels to attach the strips first and then go with batting etc I would conquer that issue?

Also I was thinking og attachne the panels using vertical strips. Do you think the herringbone effect will be spoilt by that? I love your quilt!

But I have a question Ok, so the only quilting that is done thru the batt and back is the quarter in from the seams?

I have a longarm but would love to do one of these on my treadle: Thank you for this!!! I am so excited to try it out.

Thank you thank you thank you: I made a quilt in sections and then put them together when I first started to quilt because I was way too intimidated to try and quilt a large piece on my small sewing machine.

I didn't know any "rules" then. I think I will try this. This is the gift that keeps on giving, eh? The Brutal Drug War in the Philippines.

I love this one. I can use my Simplicity embroidery machine to do it. I just LOVE your tutorials!!! Like counted cross-stitch work? Hi like what size jelly rolls are being use on summer in the park Rose new quilter.

If you are starting with a 4" block what size would the back side block be? My Mom had some blocks she picked up too.

I inherited some lovely large Sun Bonnet Sue's! There are so many ways you could have done this and saved the block.

They give me confidence to try quilting again. I love this and plan on making a quilt for my friends 3 year old for christmas.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I do this by quilting across, turning my fabric, quilting four stitches up, turning my fabric, quilting back across, etc.

It makes it easier than cutting thread after each pass. As I quilted on the strips, I made sure they were wide enough to cover this area.

To place the next strip of fabric, lay it face down on top of the first piece, the edges lining up.

Flip that piece up and press. Then quilt that piece to the batting and backing fabric in the same manner you did for the triangle.

Continue with this method until you have placed all of your orange strips. Trim the edges so your block is square. I might end up making this block again in the future using a blue gradient for sky, but I wanted it to match the rest of the blocks in the series so I went grayscale.

I use it as a guide and figure out what looks best as I go. Sew this pieces face down like you did with your other strips, then press open and quilt to the backing fabric.

You want to make sure to cover all of your orange fabric raw edges when you do this. Continue adding your gray pieces until you reach the end of your block.

Square it up and trim it down to You could leave this block as is, or you could do what I did and try a little hand-stitching to make a kite string.

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Quilt As You Go Tutorial - Connecting Building Blocks Auf diesem Bild sieht man die bereits zugeschnittene 2fache Nahtzugabe, einmal umgeschlagen und mit Stecknadeln befestigt. In der gleichen Art schlägt man jetzt auch das Vlies beiseite und steckt es ebenfalls mit Stecknadeln fest. The Easiest Way to Machine Quilt. Lasst euch nicht abschrecken von den Teilschritten, es sind ein paar automatische Handbewegungen die zum Erfolg führen. Binding - diverses, spitze Ecken, stumpfe Ecken, Plüschbinding, Bildanl. Disappearing 4-Patch with a twist, Bild-Anl. Wir möchten diese Liste so aktuell wie möglich halten. Zwischen den Streifen liegt mein gepatchtes Teil. Nur Achtung jetzt auf die Rückseite! Dieses Beispiel ist eigentlich zu klein für Quilt as you go und es wäre nicht notwendig gewesen bei diesem doch sehr handlichen Quilt die Methode zu wählen.

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Markierungen - Frixon Stift Erfahrungsbericht engl. Binding, doppelt gelegt, Bildanleitung, engl. Das ist aber bei einem 4-Block-Tutorial jetzt nicht in Betracht zu ziehen. Foundation PP - div. Die einzelnen Reihen werden jetzt so behandelt, als wären sie wieder einzelne Blöcke so wie ganz am Anfang. Das liegt aber an mir, Du hast es gut beschrieben und bebildert liebe Bea. Dafür hat man vorher handliche Portionen und wie bei meinen beiden Maschinentrapuntoblöcken hätte ich den kompletten Quilt unter der Maschine befördern müssen. Umrechnung Stargames.com review in cm und umgekehrt. Log Cabin Quilt Anleitung. Ebenfalls zu empfehlen ist patchworkposse. Die Naht wird zuerst mittels Fingerpressing mit dem Fingernagel fest ausstreifen geglättet und dann mit einem Reisebügeleisen oder - wer eines hat - mit dem Clover-Minibügeleisen gebügelt. Die Blöcke kreuzen sich schön in der Mitte, das war der Tipp vorhin die Reihen von der Rückseite her zu betrachten um zu sehen, wohin man die Nahtzugabe legen soll. Ich kann mir nur erklären, dass es an dem Abstand der Naht liegt, ich nähe caesars casino online reviews Füsschenbreit sollte doch eigentlich richtig sein, oder? Ein Wild Fire Riches Slot Machine - Try this Free Demo Version Stecknadeln mehr als man sonst verwenden würde sind ganz ratsam, die Blöcke zusammenstecken und dann ab damit unter die Nähmaschine. Mein Tula-Pink-City-Sampler ist fertig oder: Es gibt kein Versuchen. Vielleicht schaffe ich es sogar mal nachzumachen. Jede Welle rächt sich später, deswegen auf ein glattes Auflegen der Teile achten. Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechen Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Die Naht steht ungebügelt herum, Vlies und Rückseite befinden sich akkurat an ihrem Platz. Ich habe aber häufig das Problem, dass die beiden Ansatzstücke sich überlagern und nicht wie bei dir so schön nebeneinander bzw. Den Rückseitenstreifen bügel ich nicht! In some cases, we may not be able to remove your Personal Information, in which case we will let you know we are unable to do so and why. Thank youYoka. Or let's say I wanted to use FQs, how many of those would I need for a lap quilt? Thanks for the lovely tutorial by the way! If possible please let me know please. So, around in total. I sure make this quilt to use a part of belgien weltmeister stash. I am definitely going to give this one a go! Depending on where you reside, when you register for certain Services, we may share the Personal Information you provide with certain advertisers and sponsors. It copytrader rtl easy and fast!! Wie im Viking Treasures Slot Machine - Play Online & Win Real Money ersichtlich wird an jedem der beiden Blöcke der Rückseitenstoff zur Seite umgeschlagen und festgesteckt. Das ist die "neue" Naht. Fiona aus Queensland, Australien, geht das Thema auch kulinarisch an. Bügel-Ei - eine Bügelhilfe z. Ein paar Stecknadeln mehr als man sonst verwenden würde sind ganz ratsam, die Blöcke zusammenstecken und dann ab damit unter die Nähmaschine. Stoffperlen - einfach - engl. Die "alte" Naht ist mit Heftgarn gesichert.

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